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Join the Create Your Deck Club!

Want to make your own tarot or oracle deck but don’t know where to start?

With our course and monthly meetings, you’ll have everything you need to successfully make your divination deck, build with the support of other deck creators, and release your deck out into the world with ease and confidence!

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Working with the Create Your Deck Club has been an incredibly supportive and deeply meaningful experience for me! I was sitting on a deck concept for nearly three years and working through frustrating resistance to my creativity and making my art. In less than a few months of joining, my deck joyously began to transition from floating around in my head to full color artwork!

The online course materials are so well rounded and thoughtfully created by Grace. Her background and knowledge in design elements have helped me up my game as an artist. Her mystical style of support has guided me in developing and holding the vision of my deck as an unfolding process while infusing my own personal story. It’s made for such a creative and valuable online and offline learning experience.

Thanks to the vulnerability, safety and comradery of our monthly group and Grace’s kind, embodied, intuitive leadership, I feel more confidence in the process of completing my deck. I cannot wait to have it in my hands and share it with others!

Jamie Schumann

Create Your Deck Club Member

What is the Create your Deck Club?

The Create Your Deck Club is a group coaching and course program for deck creators who want to make a divination deck and need mentorship, accountability, step-by-step guidance, and resources on how to make your Tarot and Oracle deck. If this is something you’re looking for, this program is for you!

Creating a deck is an initiation 🌟

Are you ready to uplevel on your spiritual journey?

They say when you make a divination deck, you learn the lessons of the cards.

Because it’s not just about creating any old product.

You are pouring your heart and soul into these cards, passing down your life lessons in a unique way that only you can depict them. Your story, the healing journey you’ve been on, and how you can uplift others through your experiences and creative expression matter and make a difference.

These cards are wanting to come through you for a reason. And now it's your job to express them!

Your messages have the power to guide people, transform them, and help them on their own spiritual journey.

Often times, we make decks for a younger version of ourselves, the part of ourselves that wished we had these cards at that point in our lives! And now, you can create this deck to help someone on their journey of healing who really needs the messages that you’ve learned to help them on their path too while creating another revenue stream for yourself to uplevel your life!

The Create Your Deck Club is for you if...

If you said 'yes' to any of these, you are ready!

You have a deck idea but are struggling to take action to create your deck, waiting for the "right" moment

You want to take a leap and make something that is aligned with your soul purpose and help others in the process

You want to join a community of other spiritual like-minded deck creators to push yourself, have accountability, and grow beyond what you can do by yourself

You are creative but are confused about the business and marketing aspects of getting your deck out there

You wonder “who am I to make a deck” and experience imposter syndrome. News Flash – you have everything it takes!

You want step-by-step guidance and mentorship so that you can avoid *expensive* mistakes

You want to leave behind a legacy by creating something that is aligned with your soul mission

You want to create another revenue stream for yourself by creating a soul-aligned product

If you have been thinking about creating a deck,

this is a sign 🌟

Your deck is ready to get out there in the world but you need to actually make your deck to have the impact you want it to have! If you have been sitting on your deck idea for awhile, this is a sign to take action and to finally create your deck. Give yourself the support you need to bring your deck creation to life. Imagine the possibilities you unlock when you say ‘yes’ to yourself!

I joined the ‘Create Your Own Deck Club’ after having a major breakthrough during my first coaching session with Grace. I had always struggled to feel confident exploring my creativity, and even more so with sharing my artwork publicly. Grace was able to ask very thoughtful questions that actually shifted my perspective.

With her guidance, she created a safe invitation for my inner-child to come forward and play for the first time. Our monthly chats as a group only solidified the feeling of being supported in my journey of being creative. Sure, I started with stick-figure doodles for my own tarot deck… but I evolved into an artist sharing my creative works for all to see on the web. Any hangups I had before i joined, I can barely remember now, as I feel free to create my art wherever whenever. Thank you!

Ripley Jene

Create Your Deck Club Member

Listen to What Our Students Have to Say

I had been working on building my deck of original tarot cards for a long time, but being part of the ‘Create Your Own Deck Club’ has propelled me forward towards the finish line.

Working with Grace has allowed me to move past blocks that were preventing completion. Her kind leadership and experience in having completed several successful decks has shown the way and her understanding of not only card construction and design but the process in general has been invaluable.

The Zoom group calls and having an online community available to post images and descriptions has allowed me to receive insightful feedback from Grace and other card makers as well which I have been able to integrate into my creative process.

Gary “Dov” Gertzweig

Create Your Deck Club Member

Your Tarot + Oracle Deck is Waiting for you

Join the Create Your Deck Club and get started instantly!

Course Syllabus

Your deck is waiting for you. Are you ready?

Module 1

💜 Introduction to the Create Your Deck Club

Welcome to the Create Your Deck Club! In this module, I will set you up for success with the information you need to best use this program – from monthly meetings, to how to set up your card files, and whether or not you should take the self publishing or traditional publishing route. I give you an overview of what you need to know before creating your deck so you are prepared for the road ahead.

Module 2

✏️ The Deck Creation Process

Fourteen lessons on how to create your deck, from concept to execution. These lessons include connecting to your big why, infusing your story into your divination deck, using astrology to guide your process, as well as practical lessons like how to outline the contents of your deck, designing the cards, packaging, and guidebook to ordering a sample deck from the printer.

Module 3

✏️ Intro to Marketing Basics

You’ve finished your deck – now what? This course module gives you an overview of how to market your deck and spread the word by building a social media audience! From identifying and finding your audience, to creating a content strategy, and building an email list, I’ve got you covered on how to market your divination deck so you can exponentially help people through your creation.

Module 4

✏️ How to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

You want to create a deck but you don’t have the funds to order your first print run of your deck, which can cost thousands of dollars! Many self published creatives choose to crowdfund for this reason, including myself! I’ll walk you through how to set up a crowdfunding campaign – before, during, and after your launch.

Module 5

✏️ How to Work with a Traditional Publisher

You want to work with a publisher to get your deck out there but don’t have any contacts and are not sure about how to approach a publisher. Inside this module, I walk you through how to pitch a publisher, what it’s like working with a publisher and literary agent, and how to continue the momentum after the publishing deal and publishing launch of your deck.


🌟 Over $15,000 in Bonuses!

With exponential value well over the price of this program, you will unlock access to lessons, templates, and lists that will save you time, money, and expand your mindset. This includes exercises on how to get over creative blocks, social media templates, publisher pitch deck, how to set up an e-commerce store, retailers list, how to wholesale your deck, abundance light codes, and so much more!

Join the Create Your Deck Club!

Ready to get started and create your deck?

The Create Your Deck Club feels like an endless well of wisdom. From Grace’s brilliantly crafted courses to connecting with other passionate tarot readers/creators who are on a similar journey, being part of this club has fed my creative and artistic journey – for my own deck and across other personal and work projects as well.

Our monthly meetups nourish and energize me. Even if I don’t have anything new to say, I receive a ton of insights from when other people share. And even though we’re all at different parts of the creation process, it feels like Grace is able to channel a unified theme that somehow magically applies to all of us. I highly recommend joining this club!

Justine Shu

Create Your Deck Club Member

I’m Grace Duong and I’ll be your instructor! 👋

I’m the artist, author, and founder behind the Mystic Mondays decks! Having made 5 decks so far, both self-published and with traditional publishers, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about the deck making process in this program ✨

It’s so much more than just making a deck – you also learn the lessons of the cards and up-level in so many ways, developing a closer connection to spirit and creating a divine product that can help the masses 💫

The inner shifts reflect in your external reality. My entire life changed when I made my first deck, and that can happen for you too! If you had told me I’d be making decks for a living, I would have thought you were joking! However, the Universe had different plans for me 😉

This program outlines EVERYTHING. I’ve had some wins, but I’ve also made some mistakes. By creating this program for you, you will have direct access to me as a coach, so that you do not make the same mistakes I did!

It genuinely lights my heart to guide you on your deck creation journey and to help you bring your deck to life!

See you in the portal!

💖 Grace

Your Tarot + Oracle Deck is Waiting for you

Join the Create Your Deck Club and get started instantly!

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In addition to all the course material, monthly group coaching, and our private community, you will also receive over $15,000 in bonuses!

Getting through Creative Blocks

A bonus lesson on how to get through creative blocks

How to Find an Artist or Writer

A lesson on how to find a creative collaborator

Printers Vendor List

Get our exclusive list of deck printers and choose the best partner for your deck

How to Set Up an E-Commerce Store

A walkthrough of e-commerce solutions to sell your deck online

How to Wholesale your Deck

A step-by-step guide on how to wholesale your deck

Retailers List

Get a list of retailers to reach out to about stocking your decks, who have also stocked the Mystic Mondays decks!

Publisher Pitch Deck Template

Use this template to pitch publishers for your deck idea, based on Grace’s pitch decks that have won her publishing deals!

Publishers List

A list of publishers and the types of decks they’ve published that you can reach out to

Meetings Portal

Access to ALL Create Your Deck Club meetings inside a private portal

Abundance Light Codes

Receive abundance light codes in the form of channeled light language to remove blocks to abundance. Exclusive to the Create Your Deck Club!

Tarot Spread for Content Strategy

Receive abundance light codes in the form of channeled light language to remove blocks to abundance. Exclusive to the Create Your Deck Club!

Astrology to Reveal Dream Customers

Use the power of astrology to reveal who your dream customers are and how to attract them in your natal chart

Creative Brief Template

A template for creatives that outlines your project for collaborations

Line Sheet Template

A template to share with wholesalers that highlights your products

Order Form Template

A template to share with wholesalers when they are interested in purchasing your deck

Got questions? We have answers!

When does the program start?

The program is available instantly when you purchase the program! You will receive an email with details on how to join the course portal, how to access group meetings, and how to join our private community as soon as you complete checkout.

What is your 14-day money back guarantee policy?

We believe in our Create Your Deck Club course and membership so much that we are willing to offer you a risk-free 14 day access to our program, no questions asked! We are here to support you on your deck creation journey from start to finish so we may ask about your progress with course worksheets and other feedback to see how we can best support you.

Can you guarantee results?

If you do the work, commit yourself 100% to your deck creation and follow the step-by-step process, you will experience progress and more success than you can imagine for your divination deck. But because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work and commit yourself 100%, I cannot guarantee that you will get results. This is a program where it is your responsibility to give 100% and take initiative in your own success. Which is great news because if you are the one in charge of your success, then YOU get to choose how far you want to go!

Will bonuses unlock instantly?

Bonus content will unlock instantly for members who select the lifetime option for $275 for 12 months! Bonus content is only available for lifetime members at this time.

What if I have more questions about the program?

No problem! Please send additional questions to [email protected]. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Thank you!