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  • πŸ’œ Module 1: Introduction to the Create Your Deck Club

    Welcome to the Create Your Deck Club! In this module, I will set you up for success with the information you need to best use this group program - from monthly meetings, to how to set up your card files, and whether or not you should take the self publishing or traditional publishing route. I give you an overview of what you need to know before creating your deck so you are prepared for the road ahead.

  • ✏️ Module 2: The Deck Creation Process

    Fourteen lessons on how to create your deck, from concept to execution. These lessons include connecting to your big why, infusing your story into your divination deck, using astrology to guide your process, as well as practical lessons like how to outline the contents of your deck, designing the cards, packaging, and guidebook to ordering a sample deck from the printer.

  • ✏️ Module 3: Intro to Marketing Basics

    You've finished your deck - now what? This course module gives you an overview of how to market your deck and spread the word by building a social media audience! From identifying and finding your audience, to creating a content strategy, and building an email list, I've got you covered on how to market your divination deck so you can exponentially help people through your creation.

  • ✏️ Module 4: How to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

    You want to create a deck but you don't have the funds to order your first print run of your deck, which can cost thousands of dollars! Many self published creatives choose to crowdfund for this reason, including myself! I'll walk you through how to set up a crowdfunding campaign - before, during, and after your launch.

  • ✏️ Module 5: How to Work with a Traditional Publisher

    You want to work with a publisher to get your deck out there but don't have any contacts and are not sure about how to approach a publisher. Inside this module, I walk you through how to pitch a publisher, what it's like working with a publisher and literary agent, and how to continue the momentum after the publishing deal and publishing launch of your deck.

  • 🌟 Bonuses - Over $15,000 in bonuses!

    With exponential value well over the price of this program, you will unlock access to lessons, templates, and lists that will save you time, money, and expand your mindset. This includes exercises on how to get over creative blocks, social media templates, publisher pitch deck, how to set up an e-commerce store, retailers list, how to wholesale your deck, abundance light codes, and so much more!

🌟 Success Stories

I had been working on building my deck of original tarot cards for a long time, but being part of the β€˜Create Your Own Deck Club’ has propelled me forward towards the finish line. Working with Grace has allowed me to move past blocks that were preventing completion. Her kind leadership and experience in having completed several successful decks has shown the way and her understanding of not only card construction and design but the process in general has been invaluable.

- Dov

The Create Your Deck Club feels like an endless well of wisdom. From Grace's brilliantly crafted courses to connecting with other passionate tarot readers/creators who are on a similar journey, being part of this club has fed my creative and artistic journey -- for my own deck and across other personal and work projects as well. Our monthly meetups nourish and energize me. Even if I don't have anything new to say, I receive a ton of insights from when other people share. And even though we're all at different parts of the creation process, it feels like Grace is able to channel a unified theme that somehow magically applies to all of us. I highly recommend joining this club!

  • - Justine

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